Purchase conditions

If you wish to become a Customer of our Web Shop, please read our General Terms and Conditions, and use our services only if you agree to all of the provisions therein.

Our Web Shop offers alcoholic drink, therefore we only serve Customers of legal age!
By sending your order, you declare that you are at least 18 years old or are of the legal age required in the destination country!
By sending your order, you declare that you are aware of the laws concerning alcoholic products in the destination country and have placed your order in full awareness of and compliance with such laws.
We shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from the unawareness or non-compliance with the relevant laws on the part of our Customers.

Within the meaning of the General Terms and Conditions, the Customer is any natural or legal person, or entity without legal personality, to whom/which the Service Provider sells product(s) or renders services through this web site.

These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to all of the commercial items of the Service Provider sold through this web site, irrespective of the type of product sold or the person of the Customer. By accepting the offer of the Service Provider, the Customer agrees to these General Terms and Conditions. The effect of these General Terms and Conditions does not apply to agreements concluded by the Service Provider, if it has previously been thus stipulated by the Service Provider.

These General Terms and Conditions are public. The Service Provider finds it saliently important and shall do its utmost to ensure that the Customers learn these conditions before entering into the contractual relationship with the Service Provider.

The Agreement between the Parties is concluded when the Customer has completed all of the required fields of the order sheet and has verified the entered data, and has confirmed such data by clicking on the “Buy” icon and thereby sending it to the Service Provider electronically, and after the written, electronically transmitted order-confirmation has been sent to the Customer. The order is confirmed when the price of the product has been paid.


The Service Provider’s name: VAW (VINUM ART WINERY)
The Service Provider company's name: MECHANICAL ART Kft.
The Service Provider’s registered office: 1214 Budapest, Szent László utca 76.

The Service Provider's mailing and delivery address; Hungary, 2330. Dunaharaszti, Felső-Duna utca 37/a

The Service Provider’s email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Service Provider’s web site: www.vawshop.com

The Service Provider’s bank account number: 11600006 00000000 75638456 (ERSTE bank)
The Service Provider’s international bank account number: HU02116000060000000075638456
The Service Provider’s swift code: GIBAHUHB

The Service Provider’s company number: 01-09-864258
The Service Provider’s tax number: 13611583-2-43
The Service Provider’s data management registration number: NAIH-76463/2014.
The Service Provider’s customs ID number: HU-0027063170


The products of VAW Winery, which can be ordered and purchased through the web shop or via email.

Making purchases through the web shop requires registration, but you will only need to provide your data on one occasion.


The Service Provider complies with the provisions of Act LXIII of 1992 of Hungary on the protection of personal data and public access to data of public interest, and of Section 13/A of Act CVIII of 2001 of Hungary on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services.

The Service Provider shall handle and store the data provided to it by the Customer in the course of placing the order only for the purpose of completing the order and proving the conditions of the concluded Agreement.

The Service Provider may only manage the data provided to it by the Customer for any purpose other than the above–such as sending newsletters and advertisement via email–by previously providing the purpose of the data management, the name of the person handing the data, and with the prior approval of the Customer provided specifically for this purpose.

The Service Provider may release the data of the Customer only to such third persons, and to the extent as necessary for the purpose of performing the obligations of the Agreement, that acts as the Service Provider’s subcontractor or contributor in the course of completing the Agreement (delivery company/DHL).

The Service Provider shall protect the data provided by the Customer, with the most modern software available, particularly against, unauthorized access, modification, forwarding, publishing, deletion, or annihilation, as well as against accidental destruction or damage.
We shall not be held liable for damages resulting from unauthorized access, deletion, annihilation, or damage.


Orders shall be processed on workdays from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Our Customer Services shall confirm the order with the Customer via email within 24 hours.


The wines ordered through the web shop will be delivered within 15 business days by DHL shipping services., with the exception of orders placed on the day before a holiday. Orders placed on such days shall be delivered within 15 days after the first business day following the holiday. Holidays shall be regarded as the official holidays in Hungary. The packages shall be delivered to the address provided by the Customer on a business day in the destination country. In the event of unsuccessful delivery by the shipping company, if it is due to the error of the Customer (e. g. invalid or non-existing address), the costs of unaccepted products shall be charged to the Customer. We shall send an information email to the registration address when the product is posted and sent. The email shall contain the time of posting and the tracking number of the package. You can find information about the location and expected arrival time of the package by its tracking number at www.dhl.hu.

1. You can make purchases from our web shop after registration. During registration, you must provide all of the required data.

2. From the main page, you can reach the available products by clicking on the category image (e. g. red wines) or the category button (e. g. red wines).
You will find the full description of the product by clicking on the selected item.
You can reach the products from the main page also by clicking on the category button (regions) on the map.
Place the selected item into the shopping cart by clicking on the “into shopping cart” button after selecting the amount of the selected item you wish to purchase.
If you wish to select an additional item, click on the “products” button again. After you have completed selecting the items, you can reach the selected items by clicking on the “shopping cart” button, where you can see the total price.

3. If you do not wish to purchase additional products, please check the products and the number of products you have placed in your shopping cart. You can change the amount of a selected product here as well.

4. After you have checked the products in your shopping cart and selected the method of delivery, you can finalize your order.
If you have not registered an account with us yet, please click on the “Go to check out” button, where you can enter your user account data, and your invoicing and delivery addresses. If you previously registered on our web site, please use the enter function.
After you have provided all of the above data, you can send your order by clicking on the “Confirm order” button.

5. You will receive a confirmation of your order within 24 hours. It is important that you pay attention to accuracy, as the products will be invoiced and delivered based on your selected products. You must complete the registration only once and it will not be required before subsequent purchases.


The total amount payable will contain the price of the products and the delivery based on the summary of your order and the content of you confirmation letter, but not the customs duty payable in the case of orders placed from outside the European Union. You must pay for the price of the ordered products and the delivery at the time of placing your order by advance bank transfer. We will send you your order after the transfer or bank card payment has been received. Please check the package at the time of delivery, in the presence of the courier, and if you find any damage, please request filing a protocol and do not accept the package. We will not be able to process your complaint subsequently without a protocol.


The prices of the delivery are the official rates of DHL; the delivery prices are generated by our system directly from the DHL delivery rate list. We reserve the right to change the delivery rates provided at the time of your order. The delivery prices may be changed strictly only based on the official rates of DHL at the rate by which DHL has increased or reduced the prices.
We are able to send products only to delivery addresses that are listed in the data base of DHL.
If you are purchasing more than one product, please be aware that we can send only up to 6 items in one package.
Therefore, we will send one package for 1-6 items, and will send an additional package containing a 7th item.


The products available at the vawshop.com web site are handcrafted products manufactured in low amounts. The bottled packages contain no preservatives or additives. The contents of the bottles are 100% wine made from grapes, therefore tartrate separation may naturally occur. Tartrate separation does not affect the quality of the products.
Allergenic substances may be present among the ingredients used or naturally occurring during wine production, such as sulphites, alcohol, remaining natural sugar, etc. Please be aware of this when consuming the products.
Our products contain alcohol, therefore keep them away from children.
We bottle the wine we produce in glass bottles in all cases.
The glass bottles cannot be returned for a refund.
For the purpose of preserving the environment, please place the empty bottles into selective waste for recycling if you are able.

We stop the bottles with Extra I grade cork.
The use of high quality cork guarantees perfect closure for up to 30-40 years, if the bottles are stored in the ideal manner and conditions.

Wax is used for the final sealing of the products. We seal the bottles using beeswax, sealing wax, or mushroom wax.

When we process your order, the bottled products are placed in a wooden box in order to avoid damaging during delivery. The wooden boxes are also handcrafted.


The personal opinion and gastronomical matching contained in the description of the products represent our personal opinion about the product.
The description of the product type, the region and its history, as well as the description of the climate and geography have been edited from lexical sources in such a way as to match them with our own personal knowledge and opinion. We do not assume responsibility for errors in the product descriptions.


We provide the glass bottles with product information labels.
We include the name and nickname of the wine, its type and vintage, the name of the region, the place of bottling, the alcohol content, the official quality rating, and all of the additional data required by Hungarian law on labeling.


In the web shop, you can find the prices of our products that are valid at the time of your order next to the products. The prices are gross prices listed in euro and include VAT; however, these prices do not contain the price of delivery, or the customs duty fees required in the country of destination. No customs duty is charged within the territory of the European Union. If you have ordered the delivery of the products to a location outside the European Union, the customs duty regulations and rates of the destination country shall apply to the products. All duty and customs processing charges shall be borne by the Customer. The amount of payable customs duty is not included in your invoice, as it is payable by the Customer to the customs or tax authority of the destination country.
Please find the required information concerning customs duty rates at the customs authority of the country of your location.

We reserve the right to correct any errors potentially present in the product data or prices posted on our web site. In such cases, we notify our Customers without delay after becoming aware of and correcting such errors.


You have the options bank transfer payment on our web site.


Please transfer the amount of the price to account number 11600006 00000000 75638456 held at ERSTE Bank

IBAN: HU02116000060000000075638456


The time of delivery is as determined in the terms of delivery in this case also, but we will be able to send the products you have ordered only after the price has been deposited to our bank account.


Customers may cancel their orders within fourteen (14) days from the conclusion of the Agreement without providing a reason.
Customers may exercise their right of withdrawal from the date on which they received the product.
The seller is obligated to refund the price at the time of the receipt of the product that has been returned, but no later than within fourteen (14) days from the receipt of the returned product.
You can download the sample Declaration of Withdrawal here.
The costs occurring in connection with exercising the right of withdrawal shall be borne buy the Customer.
The product to be returned must be sent to our 2330 Dunaharaszti, Felső-Duna utca 37/a. address!
No additional fees shall be charged to the Customer. However, the seller may demand payment of the damages resulting from the inappropriate use of the product. If the product returned based on the right of withdrawal is not in perfect condition, the Customer is bound by an obligation to pay damages, if the deterioration of the condition or destruction of the product, or the unfeasibility of its return, are a result of the Customer’s willful conduct.
If the proven damage of the product becomes known after opening in the presence of the person (postal delivery person, courier) delivering the product, and it can be proven that the damage occurred before receipt of the product, the seller shall guarantee return of the product and cancellation of the purchase.
Any damage or missing content must be contained in the protocol created between the delivery person and the buyer at the time of delivery!
We cannot assume responsibility for missing content or damage reported subsequently.
You can download the content of Hungarian Government Decree 45/2014. (II. 26.) related to exercising the right of withdrawal from the web site of the National Authority for Consumer Protection. According to said government decree, the Consumer may not exercise his or her right of withdrawal from the product if, by its nature, it cannot be returned. In our case, it means that we can only refund the price of unopened and undamaged bottles in perfect condition.
The Customer must issue a declaration of withdrawal in writing.
We will replace the unopened bottle within fifteen (15) days, pursuant to the decree concerning warranties. A protocol must be made. The time of the conclusion of the Agreement and the description of the fault must be contained in the protocol. The date of conclusion of the Agreement must be proven by the Customer. If the Company rejects the claim of the Consumer, the Company must inform the Consumer that he or she can appeal to the reconciliation bodies operating alongside the Hungarian Chambers of Commerce.


Pursuant to Act CVIII of 2001 of Hungary, the software of the seller shall send an instant notification relating to the order to the customer at the time of the placing of the order. This notification does not qualify as an Agreement between the seller and the customer. It simply notifies the customer that the his or her order has been registered by the system and is being forwarded to the relevant employees of the seller. If the notification is not received by the customer within forty-eight (48) hours, the Customer’s obligation related to the submission of his or her offer is cancelled. The seller must offer the option to the Customer to cancel his or her order electronically until the commencement of processing the order. The customer shall receive a notification via email at the commencement of processing the order about the expected time of delivery and the fact of the commencement of the processing of the order. The cancellation of the purchase thereafter is only possible by returning the product.

Only the law of the Republic of Hungary may be applied to the products available for purchase.
Only the laws of the Republic of Hungary may be applied in connection with any legal disputes arising between the Service Provider and the Customer (or its contracted partners).

The Parties shall attempt to settle any potentially arising legal dispute between them through negotiation.

In matters not regulated by these General Terms and Conditions, the relevant provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code, Government Decree 17/1999 (II.5.) on distant selling, and Act CVIII of 2001 of Hungary on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services shall govern.
By browsing the contents of the web shop and by recording your order you accept the General Terms and Conditions and data processing policy of MECHANICAL ART Kft., VAW, VINUM ART WINERY, which you can read above.

In the case of your purchase, your Agreement shall be concluded with MECHANICAL ART Kft. (see data on top).